Sparrow Schools

Educational Trust

A Registered Non-Profit Organisation
& Socio-Economic Development Recipient


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B-BBEE – Our Values


Discover an organisation committed to delivering training with integrity and value.

When engaging in a pitch process, B-BBEE certificates are an essential part of a company’s credentials. B-BBEE credentials can often make or break the success of a company. Knowledge of B-BBEE, and the amended codes is vital to a company’s long term B-BBEE strategy. Sparrow Schools Educational Trust and Sparrow FET College provide reliable and valuable solutions across the board. We can help you to to get more benefits from:

  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development
  • Preferential Procurement
  • Socio-economic and Corporate Social Investment Budget

Socio-Economic Development & Corporate Social Investment

Receive maximum points by giving 1% of Net Profit After Tax.

Sparrow Schools Educational Trust is a registered NPO & SED recipient.

  • Corporate Social Investment – 5 POINTS
  • Socio Economic Development – 5 POINTS
  • Ownership – 25 POINTS

To maximize your spend call our Sales Consultants – 011 482 1015 / 011 482 1009