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Corporate Social Investment


Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is based on contributions that bring benefits beyond those directly associated with core business activities. These contributions can be made via monetary means, or alternatively through employee time and resources, as well as gifts in kind.

CSI is not a side-note, but a priority.

CSI is no longer viewed simply as a charitable donation, a balm for corporate conscious, an enhanced corporate image, or a tax write-off. Instead, it is a critical way to contribute to the real needs of the communities in which corporates operate. CSI is an issue with a growing business value in South Africa. The increasing emphasis on CSI is affecting the relationship between organisations and their various stakeholders, such as investors, customers, vendors, suppliers, employees, communities and government.

CSI fosters genuine partnerships between businesses and beneficiaries. This kind of joint venture, like investing in education, may be long-term — it encourages development that is sustainable and meaningful for both parties involved. In this way, CSI cultivates knowledge and skills among our youth, and increases their employability.

It’s a win-win!

Sparrow solutions:

  • Wish lists are available from various departments at our Foundation School and Combined Technical Skills School and FET College
  • Do-it-days, to donate employee time and resources
  • Mandela Day
  • Feeding Scheme
  • Educate - A - Child

Trust Registration Number: IT 125593
NPO Welfare Organisation Number: 001-401
PBO SARS Tax Exemption Reference Number: 130001399