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Vision 2030 of the National Development Plan (NDP) explicitly acknowledges the need to equip individuals with a variety of capabilities so that they can pursue a range of opportunities and lead a more fulfilling life. Sparrow Schools Educational Trust wants to contribute to the 2030 plan through educating and training South African youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as those with remedial needs. However, the success of our vision relies on partnerships and collaboration with individuals, institutions and organisations willing to provide funding or donations and assistance. Most of the families or guardians of our learners face challenges in paying tuition fees. To ensure that tuition is affordable for the majority of our children we have created the Educate-A-Child programme. With the funds received from donors, organisations and people like you, the programme is able to subsidise tuition fees for our schools and learners. To become involved, an organisation can sponsor a class at R1 500 per month, while an individual can subsidise a learner at as little as R100 per month. When you subsidise a learner’s education, you receive their photo and academic results, as well as regular newsletters. By becoming involved with the Educate-A-Child programme, you can help us to improve the education and training of disempowered youth in South Africa, contributing to the larger objective of uplifting the country’s economy and the wellbeing of those marginalised in our society.


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