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    Beth Ann Galvin

    Beth Ann has been involved in Sparrow for the past 28 years. She has been an active and passionate trustee (and past Chair). She is a successful entrepreneur and is the Founder and MD of Business Communication Skills Holdings Pty Ltd.
    She has invested her entire career in developing and overseeing the delivery of market-leading skills development training in Strategic Business Presentation Skills to South Africa’s leading companies as well as many multinationals. Beth Ann grew up in Florida Park on the Westrand and went to the local school.
    Her parents owned a Pharmacy and worked full time, 6 days a week. She completed a 3-year Institute of Marketing Management Diploma at Wits Technikon. Beth Ann struggled academically at school and was told by one of her Grade 11 teachers that she would never amount to anything.
    Later in life, she realised that she had an undiagnosed form of Dyslexia, that still challenges her today. The negative words of her Grade 11 teacher, motivated her to develop business skills and used her entrepreneurial ability to build a company that is still in business 3 decades later.
    Her passion is her two children, 29 year old Buyani Ngwenya (whom she brought up as his legal guardian) and Georgia her 21 year old daughter. There have been many women who have and continue to inspire her; Jublina Manong who worked for her for almost 25 years, came to work every day with a smile on her face regardless of the challenges that she faced at home and always went above and beyond the call of duty at work.
    Her mother who worked long hours to try and give her and her brother better opportunities than her parents ever had and who taught her that regardless of race or religion, all people are equal.
    Finally, Jacky Gallagher, whom Beth Ann has known since before the birth of Sparrow Schools. Jacky has worked tirelessly and bravely (together with her teams), to establish the Foundation and Combined Schools as well as the FET College, and also so ensure their continued success.