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  • Women’s Month

    "Success story"
    Candice and Sasha-Lee

    Candice and Sasha-Lee are teachers at the Combined Technical Skills School. Candice is the Head of Department of skills, as well as being the Hospitality and English Teacher and Sasha-Lee, who has been with Sparrow for the past 3 years, is the Wholesale & Retail teacher. Candice started her journey at Sparrow in 2018 as […]

    "Women's month"
    Beth Ann Galvin

    Beth Ann has been involved in Sparrow for the past 28 years. She has been an active and passionate trustee (and past Chair). She is a successful entrepreneur and is the Founder and MD of Business Communication Skills Holdings Pty Ltd. She has invested her entire career in developing and overseeing the delivery of market-leading […]

    Kholiwe Makhohliso

    Kholiwe Makhohliso has been with Sparrow since 2014 as a trustee and has been our chairperson since 2019. She is also the Vice President of Software AG, as well as the Country MD for South Africa. Makhohliso grew up in a small town called Mt. Ayliff, in the Eastern Cape and is the youngest of […]

    "women's month"
    Leona Krishna

    Leona Krishna is the Principal of The Foundation School and has been working at Sparrow since 2012. She started off in the FET, working as a facilitator but her hard work and passion for her job meant that in 2016 she was promoted to Principal, a highlight in her career. Leona grew up in KwaZulu […]

    "women's month"
    Romela Pillay

    Romela Pillay started working at Sparrow in 2008 in the finance department where she worked incredibly hard and was then offered the position of HR manager in 2010. Working at Sparrow has been the most fulfilling journey in her working career as she found she could help make a difference in the lives of young […]