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    Foundation School Sport

    Sparrow offers Grade 1 to 3 learners the opportunity to engage in social sports activities twice a week, which serve as foundational experiences for their future participation in competitive sports. Through these sessions, students are introduced to the fundamental skills of various sports and gradually develop their proficiency throughout the academic year, ensuring they are well-prepared to compete at higher levels as they progress through the grades.

    As students advance to Grades 4 to 7, they transition into more competitive environments, participating in leagues tailored to their skill levels. These leagues provide valuable opportunities for students to apply the skills they have learned in real-game scenarios, while competing against teams from other schools.

    Term 1: Cricket 

    Term 2: Soccer and Netball

    Term 3: Athletics

    Term 4: Cricket


    The lessons are very structured – this means they learn but they are still able to have fun. All divides are removed when the learners are on the field, they embrace the game and let go.


    Chess helps build individual friendships and teaches children about sportsmanship. Children learn how to win graciously, and more importantly, how not to give up when encountering defeat.


    Art and Drama are creative process that allows for relaxation, self reflection and emotional awareness. The art of creating is the reward, by using positive encouragement and affirmations.

    Board Games

    The introduction of board games to our supported curriculum allowed our learners to increase  brain functions and cognitive skills as well as build their problem solving skills.

    For learners who may not excel academically but possess a passion for sports, these lessons offer a constructive outlet for releasing pent-up energy while enjoying themselves in a structured environment. 

    Moreover, our sports programs instill important values such as discipline and respect, which are transferrable to academic settings. Through consistent practice and reinforcement, students develop neural pathways that support the formation of positive habits, contributing to their overall academic and personal growth.

    Engaging in physical activity on the field not only promotes physical well-being but also enhances students’ ability to focus in the classroom, ultimately supporting their academic success. Additionally, recognising the barriers faced by learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, we are committed to providing the necessary equipment thanks to our wonderful partners, ensuring our students have the opportunity to excel in the sporting arena.

    Arts and Crafts

    During our arts and crafts classes, learners are given a nurturing environment that encourages the exploration of their creative potential in a safe and structured manner. They are able to dig into their creative side and learn how to express themselves. Guided by task-specific instructions, individuals are empowered to unleash their creativity using the crafts supplied for that day.

    Clear parameters are established to foster a secure space for artistic expression while reinforcing the importance of boundaries. On top of this, these sessions work to improve the learners’ handwriting skills and refine their fine motor abilities through engaging and fun activities.