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  • Art and Drama


    The Art and Drama Programme is a combination of creative play and freedom of expression for our learners. Creative thinking aids healing processes and promotes a sense of mental wellbeing and social skills. We look at where the learner is, where they would like to be and how to achieve this. It is an interactive means of communication with oneself and the outside world. We aim to harness the strength of expression and mindfulness.

    In the art sessions, the learners tell a story through their work as they are given a platform to create freely, without specific expectations or criticism. Some of our learners refrain from being vocal so use art as a medium to voice their emotions and understand them.


    By using repetitive patterns, positive encouragement and affirmations we instil a sense of self-worth and confidence by encouraging the learner to be proactive on their goals and keeping a positive mindset.


    In Drama, our learners are exposed to a world of self-liberation where there are no limitations to expression and no boundaries to communicating their emotions or thoughts. The lessons start with check-in to see and understand how our learners are feeling which sets out the process of the day.


    The learners encourage each other through dance, song or play in order to ensure they spread positivity and cheer up anyone who is having a difficult day. Towards the end of every week, learners have Weekly Reflections which is a ‘free writing’ session where they have the opportunity to touch base with themselves and reflect on all they are experiencing. This opens a door to self-reflection and allows them to make sense of and regulate their emotions. All the sessions have a sense of routine to create a safe space for learners, which involves a song, movement, dance and verses.

    These sessions instil a sense of responsibility for one’s reactions and emotions by equipping students with a feeling of empowerment, a new way of thinking and changing limiting beliefs about themselves.

    Creativity opens the mind, broadens perspectives and helps to overcome prejudices. It is a process of problem-solving, building self-confidence and improving brain function. Creative thinkers are able to come at challenges with a more flexible and innovative way of thinking, making tackling the problem easier for them.