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  • The Link Literacy

    The Link is catered to our Grade 2 – 3 Learners

    The Link programme supports the development of literacy and numeracy in children for whom English is a second language. It provides a structured, safe environment for learners to learn. The Gauteng Educational authorities recognise this programme. Members of our community, who have basic Link training, volunteer their time and commit to making a difference in education.

    Each reading session lasts 45 minutes. The first 15 minutes is spent on paired reading. The middle 15 minutes are used to practise handwriting and play educational games to raise phonological awareness. In the last 15 minutes, the volunteer will read a story to the child, in an attempt to develop a love of books and immerse them in the English language.

    If the children are not familiar with their phonics, the first 30 minutes is then devoted to learning the sounds using our specially developed Simple Sounds’ cards.

    "The link"
    "The link"
    "the link"
    "The link"