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    Keep up to date with all of the Sparrow School’s Latest News, as well as the new and exciting things happening within both of our schools. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who have partnered with us to make these events a possibility.


    Our Combined School learners embarked on a Workplace Experience that was a pilot project for our learners, in which we successfully enrolled 19 learners where they were exposed to 3 different components of the Assistant Chef Programme.

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    "Year 4 farewell"

    We celebrated our Year 4 learners at Our Combined School this past Wednesday the 29th of November, as we bid farewell to our learners the class of 2023. Our learners had a carnival themed ceremony which surely complimented their vibrant and heartwarming personalities, it was an emotional experience for our learners and educators.

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    "Year 7 farewell"

    The 23rd of November marked a memorable and heartwarming moment for our Grade 7 learners, with meaningful speeches shared by our Foundation School Principal Ms. Alison Button, our guest of honour Ms. Melanie Malema and lastly our wonderful headboy and headgirl.

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    "Art Center"

    On the 7th of November, Our Foundation School held the unveiling of our Richard Bernard Art, Drama & Music Centre. Joined by our lovely staff and trustees, the day was welcomed with exciting entertainment catered by our learners.

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    "animal show"

    Our Foundation School learners had a thrilling experience this past week with their Exotic Animal Show hosted by WILD ONEZ Animal Rescue Assistance – WOARA. Our learners were raring in excitement as they clothed themselves in bravery and embarked on a journey into the wild.

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    "magic show"

    Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra, Alakazam! Our Foundation School had a fascinating experience this past week, hosted by Mario the Magician.

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