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  • Foundation School

    The Foundation School was officially established in 1995, as a response to the demand for specialised, learner-centred education for children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds as well as those with remedial needs. The school first emerged in 1989 as a small Saturday morning school in Joubert Park, run by founder and General Manager – Jackie Gallagher.

    The Foundation School, which is both independent and registered as a school for Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN), offers affordable, quality special needs education to learners unable to access specialised services, given the rising cost of remedial teaching and learning facilities. A combination of well trained, caring teachers, small classes and new era global programmes, ensure that all children benefit from learning and psychosocial support in creative ways across the school. The Foundation School is able to offer a holistic learning experience both through the adapted CAPS curriculum and vibrant cultural and sporting programmes for learners.

    Specialised Services available to our learners:

    • The Link Literacy Programme
    • Catrobatkidz – this includes important Occupational Therapy moves and activities to build learners coordination and muscle
    • Junior Jive

    Application Process

    We are currently accepting applications for Grades 1 through to Grade 7 for the 2021 – 2022 Academic year

    Parent or guardian must pay the assessment fee of R750 (non-refundable) and send the proof of payment to foundation@sparrowportal.co.za to confirm the booking of assessment
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    After your child has been assessed, the parents will be advised either on the day of assessment or within 3 working days as to whether or not the child has been accepted into our school.

    School Fees

    Admission fee
    New Registration fee (upon acceptance) = R750
    Enrolment fee R 2050 to be paid 1 month in advance

    School Fees
    School Fees R20 500 (yearly) paid over 10 months
    Instalments = R 2050 x 10 months

    "extra murals"

    School Support Programmes

    The supporting curriculum at The Foundation School provides additional support to learners in the form of stimulating activities to enhance knowledge, build skills and instil the values of the school.

    1. Computers
    2. Reading Enrichment
    3. Media Centre
    4. Extra Murals
    5. Gospel Grade
    6. The Link Literacy Programme
    7. Junior Jive
    8. Catrobatkidz
    "school uniform"


    "school uniform"

    Grey school trousers, white shirt, black school shoes, school socks grey/blue, blazer blue, school jersey blue or blue school tracksuit top

    "school uniform"

    White shirt, Sky blue tunic, black school shoes, short white socks, school jersey blue or blue school tracksuit top

    "extra murals"

    Extra Murals