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  • Catrobatkidz

    Catrobatkidz is a FUN way of exercising and developing for children.

    Catrobatkidz provides a safe, positive and fun-filled programme for the learners in Grades 1 – 3. Here they develop their physical skills and abilities. The learners usually enjoy one 30 minute session per week, on a Friday. Movement and exercise are vital in whole-child development. It requires exercise and integration of the brain, mental skills and abilities.

    Through movement, children will learn how to do skills that are beneficial to both their physical and mental growth.  Such as, balancing, crossing the mid-line, locomotion, gross and fine motor skills, spatial relationships, eye and hand coordination, rhythm and timing, strength and flexibility.



    “Learning to move – moving to learn”

    It’s very important for children to develop their skills, to the best of their potential, at an early age. As a child moves more and learns different exercises, these exercises will require the integration of the brain. This is when the left and right side of the brain are working together to benefit both mental skills and physical activities. They are then capable to learn more, as well as figure out different ways of doing an activity or skill. Movement helps a child to develop emotionally, physically and also socially.

    “Movement prepares the mind to learn”
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    Fund this programme

    If you are interested in providing funding for this programme for learners who can’t afford it, please get in touch with us.