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  • Phono-Graphix

    Phono-Graphix is a remarkably simple and highly effective approach to reading instruction and intervention.

    Phono-Graphix is a reading instruction and intervention programme to give our teacher and learners the tools that they need to open the door to literacy. As our learners have academic barriers to learning this programme is able to assist them read as the Phono-Graphix reading method has been proven 98% effective at addressing reading problems at any age or ability level. Phono-Graphix is research-based, developmentally appropriate, simple, concrete, and affordable. This powerful intervention program addresses the fundamental skills of decoding, encoding, auditory processing, code knowledge, and sequencing

    Phono-Graphix is based on the nature of the English code as described by linguists. Instruction progresses from the sound to the symbol. Lessons employ the requisite three skills to access such a code, as understood within the field of neuroscience: segmenting, blending, and phoneme manipulation. Lessons are also errorless – every response which doesn’t produce a meaningful answer becomes a highly teachable moment which does. Memory networks are laid down through multiple bidirectional instruction which is sound to symbol/symbol to sound, and each response is reinforced by accuracy