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  • Combined Technical Skills School

    In 2017 Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School became one of a few private schools to be approached by the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) to offer a 4 year technical skills pilot programme to learners with barriers to learning.   This programme is matchless in what it offers our learners and is 75% practical and only 25% theoretical. The Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School provides English, Maths, Natural Science and Personal and Social Wellbeing alongside a heavy skills-based training curriculum of Hospitality, Office Administration, and Wholesale and Retail, allowing the learners to gain an employable skill. In addition, the Foundation Learning Competency (FLC) NQF2 programme is offered to year 4 learners.

    Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School provides a learner-centred approach, as we teach towards potential, and are constantly mindful of individual learner strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on the holistic growth of each learner as well as individual skills development, we equip them with the opportunity to pursue future employment as well as further education and training.

    We offer programmes within the school that is hands on and that requires the learner to practically engage with the material being taught. This is essential in special needs teaching as it gives the student a starting point when having to grapple with higher-order thinking.

    This way of teaching ensures that learners with barriers to learning begin to think of themselves as successful; as people with opportunities and a future.

    The Gauteng Department of Education in choosing Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School to become part of the future of education in South Africa is a testimony to the professional history of the school and the respect it has earned within the community.

    Application Process

    We are currently accepting applications for Year 1 – 4 for the 2021 – 2022 Academic year

    1. Parent or guardian must pay the assessment fee of R600 (non-refundable) and send the proof of payment to jimmy.erasmus@sparrowportal.co.za to confirm the booking of assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School and meet the needs of the learner.
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    After your child has been assessed, the parents or guardian will be advised either on the day of assessment or within 3 working days as to whether or not the learner has been accepted into our school.

    School Fees

    Admission fee
    New Admission fee (upon acceptance) = R600
    (The Foundation School ex learners only pay R300)
    Enrolment fee R 2150 to be paid 1 month in advance

    School Fees
    School Fees R21 500 (yearly) paid over 10 months
    Instalments = R 2150 x 10 months

    "school uniform"


    "school uniform"

    Boys and girls wear the same uniform:

    • Grey school trousers
    • White shirt
    • Navy blue school jersey
    • Black school shoes
    • School socks grey

    School tracksuit available from the school.

    "extra murals"

    Extra Murals