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  • Combined Technical Skills School Extra Murals

    Sparrow Combined Technical Skills School offers a variety of extra murals at our school, targeting specific needs for further development in these areas. This allows for a well-rounded education.


    Boxing has improved our learner’s hand-eye coordination, stamina, endurance, confidence, fine motor skills and focus. These classes happen weekly with each lesson being taught by a South African lightweight champion. Learners are taught to focus on their muscle development, while promoting a positive mental well-being and decreased stress as they can release their tensions into the boxing bag. This helps them concentrate on their academic tasks while in the classroom.

    Music Lessons

    We have seen the music lessons to be hugely beneficial to the learners as they have helped them develop their self-esteem, listening skills, creativity and social skills. Learners are able to focus on the tones and tempos of the beat of the drum and marimba which has improved their auditory skills while also developing mathematical skills such as counting. These lessons have also allowed our learners to decrease their stress levels as many of our learners battle with anxiety.

    Art & Drama


    Art and Drama are creative process that allows for relaxation, self reflection and emotional awareness. The art of creating is the reward. By using repetitive patterns, positive encouragement and affirmations we instil a sense of self worth and confidence by encouraging the learner to take proactive action on goals and a positive mindset.

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    Bowls, also called lawn bowls, is an outdoor game in which a ball (known as a bowl) is rolled toward a smaller stationary ball, called a jack. The object is to roll one’s bowls so that they come to rest nearer to the jack than those of an opponent; this is sometimes achieved by knocking aside an opponent’s bowl or the jack. The benefits include improved fitness, improved coordination and Skill Development, increased confidence and self-esteem and enhanced mental well-being.

    Board Games

    The introduction of board games to our supported curriculum allowed our learners to increase their brain functions and cognitive skills as well as build their problem solving skills. This includes decision-making and higher strategic thinking. Board games also teach learners to build relationships and a sense of community which encourages teamwork and strengthens students with barriers to learning to improve their interpersonal skills, as both educators and learners partake in these lessons.