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    Foundation School Teddy Bear Picnic

    “What one loves in childhood stays in their hearts forever”- Mary Jo Putney

    At Sparrow, we take pride in crafting meaningful, and enjoyable, events for our learners, building a legacy of valuable experiences.

    One part of this legacy is our annual Teddy Bear Picnic, a cherished tradition for the Grade 2 learners at our Foundational School.

    Last Friday, on the 1st of March, Smoke Customer Intelligence generously sponsored this year’s picnic.

    "teddy bear picnic"
    "Teddy Bear Picnic"

    The event was brimming with fun activities, from engaging games and immersive reading sessions to delightful bubble-blowing and delicious lunches.

    Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Smoke Customer Intelligence for making the experience possible for our Grade 2 learners.

    As we reflect on the success of this year’s picnic, we look forward to continuing the tradition, creating even more magical moments for next year’s cohort.