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  • Educate a child

    Educate a child today. Help build a nation for tomorrow.

    The future of the world starts in the classroom, join Educate a Child

    Join Educate a Child for as little as R100 per month, you can assist in providing education and support. To children experiencing challenging socio-economic and learning difficulties. Your contribution goes a long way.

    Sponsoring a child has benefits that go beyond simply providing education to a child. Your sponsorship money is used to keep the school fees affordable for the learners.

    Many of them are from places of safety, child-headed households or disadvantaged homes where parents cannot afford the specialised care their children need.

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    In Gauteng alone, over 15% of children of school-going age are unable to attend school because they cannot afford to pay school fees.

    Vision 2030 of the National Development Plan (NDP) explicitly acknowledges the need to equip individuals with a variety of capabilities so that they can pursue a range of opportunities and lead a more fulfilling life.

    Sparrow Schools Educational Trust wants to contribute to the 2030 plan by implementing these ideals through our Educate A Child initiative.

    Sparrow Schools receives little in terms of subsidies and fees from government and learners (10% and 30% respectively). This leaves a massive 60% per child that still requires funding. This is where your monthly sponsorship goes.

    When you sponsor a child, you will receive regular newsletters about what is happening with the organisation.

    Educate a child

    Get in touch with us today to sponsor R100 a month, or a once off amount to help build a nation for tomorrow. Contact Michelle on michelle.joubert@sparrowportal.co.za or 011 482 1015

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