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  • Feed A Child

    Feed a child. co. za estimates that almost 10% of the South African population are children, living below the poverty line. In circumstances beyond their control. Being hungry not only affects children physically. It affects them emotionally too.
    It’s pretty hard to focus in the classroom when your stomach is growling from hunger. Therefore, Sparrow dedicates time and funds to ensuring that our children do not enter the classroom hungry.
    We offer our learners in need, breakfast before school each morning and a snack and drink at break-time.
    For as little as R60 per month. You can contribute to our learner feeding scheme and help us to feed our hungry children.
    "feed a child"
    "Nelson Mandela"

    Feed a child

    Get in touch with us today to sponsor R60 a month, or a once off amount to help feed our children