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  • Eve Abrahams


    Eve served on the Sparrow Board for +- 10 years. During my entire career and dedicated her life to the up-liftmen of youth, In the educational field.
    She has always been a humanitarian community activist seeking the right to proper education and caring for young people.
    Eve finds it an absolute pleasure serving on the Sparrow School Board. She believes that Sparrow is undoubtedly one of the most ethical and moral well balanced educational institutions in our country. Managed with precision with all that makes of its valued chain with care and par excellence outcomes
    Eve has seen Sparrow School excel even under the most difficult times including the Covid-19 period.
    She is still very committed to the poor in the community and from time to time volunteer to serve where and when ever I get to know the plight of those in need Eve has also worked extensively with Gift of the Givers. She visits Old Age homes in need to prepare
    and feed the neglected elderly. She also cares for vulnerable and neglected children practically on a daily basis. Eve’s motto is “Blessed is the hand that Giveth and Happy are the hands that Received”.