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  • Combined Technical Skills School:
    +27 (0) 11 673 3558
  • headoffice@sparrowportal.co.za
  • Jackie Gallagher

    Jackie Gallagher is the founder and general manager of Sparrow Schools Educational Trust and has been the force behind the establishment and staying power of this organisation. Starting from a Saturday School with 4 learners, Jackie grew the organisation to 550 learners within 5 years, personally raising the funds to acquire the classrooms for the growing number of students. Recognising that there are limits to what one individual can do, she established a board of trustees at this time to further grow the Foundation School and to construct the Combined Skills School classrooms. From here Sparrow grew to include an FET College providing fully funded education to disadvantaged youth. Jackie is passionate about creating a space where children in vulnerable positions are empowered and given the tools they need to thrive within their educational spheres. The organisation has grown from humble beginnings to a professional organisation providing quality specialised education to tens of thousands of students over the years. The proven track record of Sparrow Schools, its excellent, focused curriculum and the many accolades received attest to this success.