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  • Peter Gallagher

    Peter Gallagher is an accountant , entrepreneur and wild life enthusiast.  He is a keen follower of most sports having been a semi-professional soccer player both in the UK and South Africa. He started his career at ABI in the mid 80’s and ended his career there as the company treasurer in 2002. He was offered a partnership at a local sound and lighting company as the financial director in 2002 where he enjoyed a 7 year stint before following his passion to be involved with a start-up farming operation in Kale. He has been involved in financial consulting to a number of companies over the past 10 years  as well as giving pro bono services assisting  a number of smaller NPO’s and is a firm believer in transformation in South Africa. He has served on the board of trustees of Sparrow Schools Educational Trust since the inception and has provided financial and risk management guidance to the organisation. He serves on the Sparrow FET PTY LTD as a director.