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    Year 4 Learners Workplace Experience

    This year we successfully launched our Assistant Chef pilot programme which meant 19 of our Combined School learners were able to gain some invaluable workplace experience. The programme is divided into three important components including the Theory Component which focuses on developing the necessary knowledge of the programme including theory based tests. Next, the Practical Component highlights everything taught in the theory and the implementation in practice.


    Lastly, the Workplace Practical Component exposes learners to a taste of what it is like to work in a real-life kitchen. The core functions and benefits of learners having workplace experiences mean they gain valuable experience and develop important skills to increase their chances of success. It also creates an opportunity for networking with individuals already entrenched in the Hospitality industry.

    By partnering with the industry, our learners were placed in selected workplaces, namely, South Bakels, Not-Bread-Alone, Bem-Bom, Pick’n’Pay, Wanderers Golf-Club, IE and Scrouches Diner, which concluded on the 10th of November. As this project grows, we are aiming to partner with more organizations including those in Hotel Services with hopes of exposing our learners to a broader range of workplace experiences and even more networking opportunities.