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    Leona Krishna

    Leona Krishna is the Principal of The Foundation School and has been working at Sparrow since 2012. She started off in the FET, working as a facilitator but her hard work and passion for her job meant that in 2016 she was promoted to Principal, a highlight in her career. Leona grew up in KwaZulu Natal and attended St Anthony’s School in the heart of Durban.
    From there she completed her HDE at Natal University, then her FDE and Bed at North-West University. Leona is involved with many Leadership Programmes and networks, such as Partners for Possibilities and Symphonia.
    Her mother has had the biggest influence on her life, as she was able to awaken her to new possibilities. This has meant Leona is now able to give more of herself for the betterment of others.
    For any young women looking to follow in Leona’s steps, she says: “Know your worth as a professional and individual, be confident and set high standards for yourself, trust your instinct and never give up! Find a mentor to walk with you as you journey through life, pass on the knowledge you acquire and become a mentor to the next generation. Keep a sense of inner peace and a humble attitude in all your endeavours.”